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The Company:

Linda Hodak is the inventor of BorderLines and the founder of Pool Borders, Inc., now a division of Simple Pool Technology, Inc.

When the company was founded in 2000, tiles were manufactured using basic analog print technology by screen printing the old fashioned way, she had offered only one pattern to her customers, it was very slow and time-consuming to manufacture this way and "it was time to change" and needed a solution.

The Solution:

In 2010 she expanded her product line by offering tile borders that included more design choices for her customers and a consistent color match between print runs. she scheduled a meeting with a design group that specialized in newer printing methods, needless to say, she was amazed at the range of innovative concepts that were presented ' from materials to design to buying options that would help her company grow and create her new designer series.

She recommended that all her tiles be printed with a four-color digital process instead of screen-printing, which proved a much better option and offered greater consistency in color output. By utilizing digital printing technology, she was able to increase shading and depth, leading to an entirely new premium line of pool borders with the look of true blue mosaic tiles, which in comparison could be printed at a much lower cost so she could be more competitive.

The company's new designer series tile has a higher graphics impact, outstanding print quality and no color variance from start-to-finish. The ink that she is now using with the four-color process is perfect for outdoor use, is flexible on vinyl material and does not crack when stretched, and best of all it now has a 3-year warranty. This great new product is now being sold worldwide with an amazing less than 1% return.