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Most current reviews are listed on the product pages, click on the product your looking for and click on the reviews tab under the description of the product. The reviews listed below are from customers emails and letters they send in.

Purchased: July 25, 2020

I received your my order only two days after I placed it, and that was amazing! We had friends coming over this Saturday and I couldn't wait to install it! I did it by myself, in a little over 2 hours! In my opinion the installation is not necessarily "highly complex", it mainly requires patience, and attention to detail. But even though I left some wrinkles in the corners because i am not a professional, because of the design, and the quality of the liner border, when you fill the pool it looks so amazingly natural! My liner is shot! holes all over the place, and I kept patching it as you can see in the pictures. This border is allowing us to keep out old liner another year, at least. We couldn't be happier! The transformation is stunning! We are extremely satisfied! 


Purchased: July 16, 2020

Let me start with quality staff willing to go that extra step to help a customer. I called at 5:15 PM on a Friday, just hoping someone would answer.....they did and continued to answer questions and even let me place the order. That is fantastic service! Great product. Easy to install and pool looks like new. Close friend of mine (a tile installer) saw the finished product and requested I do not send pictures to you. It could put him out of the tile business if people saw the before and after pictures.(pictures to follow)

Mike Hanlon

Purchased: July 9, 2020

I can say I was extremely satisfied with this product , it saved me the cost of a new liner, the borders were easy to apply and my pool looks like a new pool I highly recommend that if your borders are faded you purchase the borders you will be very happy.

Linda Toth Woodbridge NJ

Purchased: June 27, 2020

Pool boarders was one of the best things we purchased for our pool. Our first pool liner lasted 20 years. Bought a new one. 2 years later the edge was so bad, we couldn't clean it. Stained, ugly, and not inviting to go in. I tried everything to clean it. Actually thinking of replacing the liner after 2 years. The pool place we go to told us about pool boarders. OMG! A lot cheaper and looks beautiful. Watched the video how easy it is to apply, after a few pieces of boarder we got the hang of it. Here's a few tips... we cut the 2 ft. Into, making it easier to apply, after awhile we were able to not cut them. Also we used a small squeegee . No more ugly edge. I took a nice photo, to send in, they were offering 10.00 to send in one, but wasn't able to submit it.

Lori Salkield

Purchased: June 07, 2019

I bought a home with an old pool.  At some point the previous owners must have had real tile around the pool. Over the years, the tile was taken off and left a rather ugly rim around the pool.   I found an ad for pool borders and thought what the heck.. can't hurt to try!  I did!!! IT IS AMAZING.  Totally transformed our pool!  I couldn't be happier.   Very simple to install.  This was a truly inexpensive way to upgrade our pool!

Deanna Ludwig

Warranty: May 19, 2019

Hi Linda, 

Thank you so much for all of your help today, I appreciate the very quick response and your fabulous customer service. As I mentioned today, we are extremely happy with the look of the border on our pool and we will definitely be recommending you to our friends. It is refreshing to deal with such a wonderful company who stands by their product and takes care of their customers!!!

Mary Finoro

Purchased: April 19, 2019

We are COMPLETELY satisfied with the pool border. It transformed the look of our pool. We had a lot of sun damage and small pinholes. This did the trick and hopefully we can get a few more years out of our liner. I read some of the other reviews on the perfect application technique. I actually removed the first few strips once I got the hang of it. I have a inground pool and doing it from outside gave me the best and easiest application. I was on the edge initially on purchasing this product but after calling customer service, I was sold. Real people just trying to help real people. Thank you!!

Christopher Sirignano

Purchased: October 16, 2019

We're very pleased with the product.  It looks great and was fairly easy to install.  The 4 foot radius corners of the pool were a little bit of a challenge at first, until we got the hang of it.  We're hoping this new border will extend the life of our current liner a couple of years.  

Chuck Vaughn

Purchased: September 12, 2018

Very satisfied and the installation went very well. Now we are hoping this product will be good for many years to come. We will send you a picture.

Jacques Mongeau

Purchased: September 6, 2018

Borders were easy to apply and look fantastic!  I couldn't be more pleased.  Ordering was easy and delivery was very fast.  Thank you!

Patricia Tupycia

Purchased: August 25, 2018

This is such a great product - I was so excited to put them on I forgot to take a before picture - the difference is remarkable.  As long as you follow the instructions you will have no problems!!

Kelli Golden

Purchased: August 22, 2018

Purchased 110Ft. of border. What a difference it made in the looks of the pool.  It wasn't the easiest border to put on but the results were worth it.

Nancy C.

Purchased: August 14, 2018

Great product to extend liner life. Like another reviewer said it takes about 3 sections before you get a hang of it and figure out a way to apply it that works for you. Start with an area that is least visible to most people that way if it is crooked or less than perfect it won't matter so much. I found that the less you peel and expose,  the easier it is to perfectly apply it to the pool wall.

Andrew Sullivan

Purchased: July 22, 2018

The border adds so much to our pool. It was easy to install. I would recommend this if your looking to jazz up a plan blue liner.

Vickie Fogerty

Purchased: June 29, 2018

BorderLine that we ordered arrived quickly. It was basically easy to apply. We were impressed how well the adhesive backing sticks, and it makes the pool look like we had a "new liner " installed..without the expense ! We only ordered 20 feet because we were not sure if it would adhere properly, we intend to order another 80 feet set to go all around our in ground pool. It looks awesome !

Richard Chapman

Purchased: June 19, 2018

Product looks great.  Installation is labor intensive. Used 2 people with one in pool applying/smoothing and other on deck removing backing/adjusting height.  At the end of the day it was worth the effort. 

DB  Forsyth, IL

Purchased: June 29, 2017 

I have ordered 7 of these packs and they are great for what I use them for. My liner has been tearing about 2 inches below the lip. I have a inground pool. I used Borderlines to patch the tears. So far I have gotten another 3 years out of my liner.  

John Vander Loop, Azusa Ca.

Purchased: June 13, 2017

Your Pool Borders were Great!  They added a custom look to our fiberglass pool.  We would definitely recommend these Borders.  Also thank you for your quick service.  

Rich & Mary Ann

Wimauma, Fl.

Purchased: June 30, 2017

Great product! Not only does it almost look like a new liner but it also sealed some horizontal rips near the top of the liner. In addition the customer service from this company is fantastic!  Highly recommended!

Gene Porcelli

Purchased: June 26, 2017

SO happy with the results. It went on exactly like it was advertised. Probably one of the most true to its pitch products I have ever purchased!  I would recommend taping the end so it stays in place and you know if you have to alter the over lap so it doesn't start slanting. It took me about 4 hours total but it was really easy. I love it!

Laura Turczyn

Purchased: May 08, 2016

The Borderline product turned our old pool into a fresh, new look.  It restored the pool and made a tired pool new again.  Your product saved our liner for a few more years. 

Rob Meadows

East Northport


Purchased: May 31, 2016

FYI... We love this product.  It has saved us from installing a new liner this year!  Our pool looks like new again unfortunately we ran out with only 11 feet to finish.  Thanks for sending this right away:)
Terri Jo Green

Purchased:  July 23, 2015 

My pool liner is 12  years old and it showed. My liner already had split from the previous winter. To make matters worse I started to clean it with  a pressure washer, my husbands idea-not mine, I blew a hole in the corner of the liner. The liner is quite brittle. I proceeded to use duct tape to cover the hole. My pool border was faded and dirty.
I then cleaned my border with a mild solution of  bleach and dawn detergent. I then mixed the alcohol to your specifications. I had a large box of disposable paper shop towels.  I cleaned the border twice then washed it with alcohol twice. I kept the paper towels handy and made sure every drop of water was wiped off.  I then proceeded to apply the border as per your instructions. I have a Grecian shaped pool so the corners were a challenge, but I worked slowly and applied pressure from the center out. I then went back and checked all the edges and then I checked again. 2 days later I refilled the water I had taken out to accomplish this.
Wow, my pool likes like brand new. No peeling no problem, even over the duct tape. Even if I only get one season out of this product it was well worth the money. My pool looks like new. My patio and pool are the go to place for my children and grandchildren and theirs  friends for a summer party or just to hang out. My pool is beautiful again. Thank you for this product you have made my summer.

Thanks, Jenna 

Purchased: May 14, 2015

The design is excellent and the swimming pool now is very beautiful.  The finish on your Borderlines is very good with excellent quality…


From Cyprus

Purchased: September 03, 2014

Hello- I just wanted to write to say we love your product:)  We have an above ground pool 15x30 which is 7 years old and the liner had terrible stains that were embarrassing to look at and have company see. My husband found your link and we ordered. We have only had them in 1 1/2 months but the transformation is unbelievable!! We just wanted to let you know and thank you for what so far has been a wonderful product.
Mark & Eileen LeBlanc
Thanks for making a great product-even if it only lasts us a couple of years-it's worth it to me :)

Purchased:  June 14, 2014

My pool liner looked old and sun damaged around the top.  The Borders made it look new again.  It was easy to install.  I installed it in one evening on my in ground pool by myself.  Big improvement!  I would recommend it.

Very satisfied

Dee Doyle

Purchased: May 09, 2013

Borderlines make the pool look newer and more modern.

Sheila Yeager

Purchased:  June 2012
Hello! We wanted to write and let you know we are thrilled with the way our pool looks after applying your product!! Application was quite easy and took about 4 hrs with 2 people .We are recommending this product to our friends and neighbors who like us are not able to do a liner replacement at this time.  Our pool has a new look and no more nasty dingy and dirty looking waterline!!!

Rick and Lesley Vickers Maple Ridge ,B.C. Canada.

Purchased: April 10, 2012

Wow, what a great look to an old stained liner.  Before & after pictures are amazing…
Kathy Thompson,


Purchased:  June 05, 2011 
We just finished installing it. It took a while to get the hang of it and then the straight runs went good. The round corners were very difficult as they were not tight to the wall from relieving the water pressure and the border ran crooked. But all in all it looks good.

Purchased: June 03, 2010

We absolutely love it!  Our vinyl pool that we had in the ground looks brand new.  We put it in 22 years ago and with the new border it looks like a new pool.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product!”
Kathie Ewing,

Simi Valley

Purchased:  April, 2010
I have just installed this product to my outdoor swimming pool and I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with it, as has been other people who have seen it. Assuming it stays in place and the color remains good in sunlight it is a fantastic product. I live in France and have been trying to find a product to rejuvenate a discolored water line area of our swimming pool. It took me some time and effort to eventually track this down as a possible solution and then a lot of time searching to see whether I could find it in France, in one of the many pool supplies retailers, to no avail. I eventually purchased it in the UK and moved it back with me in our car after a return journey to the UK. I have already had another interested party, with 2 pools, very keen to find out more about this product. This is a fantastic interim purchase item for someone midway through the life of their liner. I am British but living here for 5 years now, running a Bed and Breakfast.
Thanks indeed and in any case for supplying a great product.
Steve et Bronwen Houghton

Purchased:  April, 2009

It gave our liner an extra 2 years.   Your staff was very helpful and very pleasant. 

Michelle Colvin

Purchased: September 2009

Awesome product the pool looks new was short 1 piece hoping to replace to finish . very easy to install

Mary Palermo

Purchased:  July 03, 2008 
Installed it and it looks amazing and seems to have made the liner stronger!  Love this product!
Jaime Pratt

Purchased: May 03, 2007

WOW!  We ABSOLUTELY love the border!  It was so very simple to install- It only took 1 hr. & 1- minutes for a 24’ round!! It transformed our UGLY & I mean ugly stained liner (water level) to a brand new pool- at least that’s what everyone thinks that sees it- until we tell them.  Thanks for such a SUPER PRODUCT!”   

Lori Weller, Oil City

Purchased: May 20, 2006
What a difference. Went on pretty well. I had lots of curves and corners to deal with. But it looks great. We are very happy with it.
Richard Tucci

Purchased: June 03, 2005

They are wonderful - they changed the appearance of the pool immediately.  
I cannot say anything not good about it.  With vinyl there is nothing you can do to prevent - RING ... I tried every product on the market. The Borders enhance [the look] and give the impression of a much larger pool. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!”
The Gibson Family

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