How to remove or replace Pool Borders?

Peel back a section of border using the rounded edge of the 

installation squeegee. Sections should come off in their full length.

Once all have been removed the residual adhesive on the wall can be

removed using a citrus based adhesive remover along with warm to

hot water and a nylon brush or scrub sponge. If there is residual that is still

remaining you can try using isopropyl alcohol, commonly known as

rubbing alcohol or the citrus based adhesive remover, such as

3M Adhesive Remover, readily available at office supply or hardware

and building supply stores. Once the residual adhesive is removed

you can clean the wall using our BorderLines Surface Cleaner.

Will your Pool Borders stick to any surface?

Not all surfaces, the pools surface must me clean and smooth. Our pool borders

will stick to most vinyl liners, fiberglass pools, acrylic and stainless steel. Pool

Borders will not stick to rough concrete and should not be applied over real tile.

Are your Pool Borders Guaranteed?

BORDERLINES™ are guaranteed by manufacturer to be free from defects in material

under normal use in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Application Instructions and

General Use Instructions. If you believe BORDERLINES™ to be defective at any time

during the first 3 seasons of use you may email or call Pool Borders, Inc.  or go online.

After placing initial claim a return form will be sent to you. Consumer is responsible for

any handling and shipping fees. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from

improper installation, misuse or abuse of the product, or alteration or modification of

the product after your purchase.

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