The patented Skimmer Arm™ fits every above & inground pool. The extended arm installs easily and securely on any faceplate of any vinyl or fiberglass skimmer. The Skimmer Arm™ improves surface skimming by extending the reach of the skimmer opening up to 24" inches, while guiding floating debris into the skimmer basket. Lightweight, flexible, and virtually indestructible, it measures 24"L x 4"W.  What makes this Arm better is its FLEXibility!!! Instead of removing the Arm during pool use, simply tuck it into the skimmer opening

​The Skimmer Arm solves pool owners complaints regarding similar products being too difficult to install and often falling out and breaking easily. In minutes the patented Skimmer Arm™ fits on most any skimmer. Securely anchored into place the Skimmer Arm™ allows pool owners to choose desired direction. ​
​Eliminates most hand skimming when pool cleaning! As your water moves the floating debris the Skimmer Arm™ catches it and slowly guides it into the pools skimmer reducing the time it normally takes to skim your pool.

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Skimmer Arm

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